Do you have a computer or laptop that won't boot? Are you getting hard drive related errors that cause your system to freeze, lock up, or display the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)? Have you lost access to a group of important files, or maybe even ALL of your files? If so, don't despair. The ETACenter might be able to help you recover the lost data, even when others have tried and failed.


We use sophisticated software tools that are designed to recover data by turning off the disk drive "READ" error routines and accessing the data at the hardware level. Often times, this can produce readable results even when other methods have not succeeded. Using these techniques can allow us to recover significant amounts of lost data, if not the entire hard drive.


At the ETACenter, we are experts in hard drive operation and Windows file storage. We have successfully recovered files long after they have been deleted using software tools, and our knowledge of the hard drive internals. Let us see what we can do on that old computer or laptop that you have long ago given up getting access to.


Best of all, if we can't recover your data, you pay only a small fee for our time. We aren't going to charge you an arm and a leg and then tell you we had no luck, so sorry. That isn't the way we operate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.