Do you need a new printer or all-in-one installed on your system? Does it need to hook up wirelessly to multiple computers? The ETACenter can help you with this! Not only can we install the hardware, but we can TEACH you how to use it so you can scan, copy, fax, and print with ease!



Or how about a boost in speed by adding some system memory to your desktop computer or laptop? Often times this is an upgrade that can provide enough bang for the buck to add a couple of years to your machine's lifespan. It is not very expensive and can be done quickly and expertly by one of our specialists.


You may even want to add a shiny new graphics card to your system to give you stunning graphics and amazing game play for your desktop system. Combine it with a new LCD or LED big screen monitor and you can seriously enjoy your computing experience!



And of course, many folks need more space on their hard drives to hold pictures, video, and music files. The ETACenter can help here by adding an internal or external disk (or both!). You would be surprised how inexpensive it is these days to add a terabyte or more of storage to your system. Give us a call, and we can help you determine the best solution for you.