The ETA Center is able to provide remote support for your Windows or Mac computer. We use MSP Anywhere to cleanly and easily take over your desktop or laptop computer (with your permission of course).

All you need to do is be able to connect to the internet and we can securely run your system to provide instant fixes to any problem you might have. When we are done, the software uninstalls itself and you can go about your normal computing with no permanent remote software running in the background.


We are also able to remotely support your tablet or phone using the Go To Assist client app. It is available for both Android and Iphone and installs quickly and easily like any other app. Once you have it, you can grant us permission to securely work on your device remotely to setup email, configure apps, or anything else you might need help with. Here is an example of us using Go To Assist on our support desktop to remotely run a Samsung tablet.


Best of all, it is the least expensive way to get help since we don't have to travel to your location and you don't have to unplug your computer. We can even use this tool to help you learn HOW to do something. Give us a call, hook up remotely, and then watch us do what you need while we EXPLAIN it in simple terms you can understand.