Does your computer run slowly and take forever to boot up or load an application? If so, you are not alone. Over time many factors can contribute to a slow down in your daily activities on your computer. But don't worry, the support specialists at the ETACenter are experts in determining what is slowing down a computer and providing a solution for the problem.



Our standard service includes removing unwanted and unused tool bars, one of the biggest culprits in slowing down a computer. We also optimize the computer startup process to eliminate unnecessary programs that want to run but aren't needed all the time. This doesn't stop you from using them; it simply puts you in control of when they run. Your computer's hard drive is also defragmented using a specialized utility program that is far better then the one Microsoft includes for free with Windows. Temporary files and work areas are also cleaned up to provide you with more free disk space. We will also evaluate your computer's memory, and if necessary, recommend an inexpensive upgrade to help speed up Windows. In short, the ETA Center will:


What about the free sites that offer to speed up your computer? Why not take advantage of the software they provide to do this service for free? To be honest, our experience has shown that these utilities are far from free. Some of them even cause more problems than they fix. It is simply not possible to automate the process of speeding up a computer to the point that it is fail safe and can be done without human interaction. Some of the sites that claim to be free simply tell you that you have problems and offer to fix them for you, for a fee. We have seen customers spend hundreds of dollars for remote support, when all it would take would be a simple, 30 to 60 minute cleanup by one of our support specialists.

So be very careful not to fall into the trap that some of these solutions claim to provide. just because you see it on TV doesn't mean it is a good deal. We back up our work with your satisfaction guaranteed.