Do you have old VHS tapes with precious memories on them? Did you know that over time, those tapes will lose their playback quality and become unusable? And how many people have VHS players anymore. Everyone has gone to DVD and BluRay.



Now you can easily transfer your old tapes to DVD in a digital format that will last for years. Why pay a commercial service $30 to $40 dollars per tape and wait 30 days or more for them to come back? At the ETACenter, we offer inexpensive transfer rates, multiple copies, and very short turnaround times. We even offer overnight or same day service for an extra fee if you simply can't wait.



We use a sophisticated, dedicated transfer device to make sure your VHS memories are preserved at the best quality possible. A built-in hard drive temporarily stores the audio and video from the VHS before it is written to the high performance DVD burner. We can also transfer more than one VHS tape to a single DVD depending upon how much video is stored on the input tape.


The result is a DVD with menus that you can easily navigate in any modern DVD or BlueRay player. For an extra fee we can even edit the raw VHS data and produce a customized DVD based on how you want it created. It can contain multiple chapters, each with it's own unique menu picture to make selection easier. We can film and insert introductions, add computer generated graphics, produce picture slide shows, add background music, you name it. Your imagination is the only limit. Give us a call today to discuss your project.