Removing computer viruses is one of the most tricky chores a computer support specialist does. The complexity of modern day viruses requires both sophisticated tools and extensive knowledge of the Windows operating system to eliminate them effectively.

Viruses come in many names and types. The bottom line is that they are unwanted changes to your computer system that need to be removed, carefully and completely. Otherwise, permanent damage and data loss can easily happen to you and your PC.


At ETACenter, we use a number of tools and years of experience to eradicate any type of malware from your system. Our support team can install FREE software to prevent future infections. We also have options for periodic checkups to verify your system is running smoothly and virus free.


We can help you understand HOW computers become infected and educate you on the do's and dont's of online computing that will dramatically decrease the chances of you ever losing data to an unwanted piece of computer malware. It isn't quite as easy as wearing a mask, but it isn't complicated either. Let us walk you through the important steps so that your Internet experience is a good one.